ISSC 2023

Posted on Jan. 24, 2023

2023 International Snow Sculpture Championships

One of our most winter-wonderland-esque experiences here in Breck is the annual International Snow Sculpture Championships (ISSC). This competition brings both artists and spectators from far and wide to marvel at massive carvings made completely out of one of our favorite things: snow!

Since 1990, teams from around the globe have gathered in Breck to show off their skills. This year, we celebrate the 32nd Annual International Snow Sculpture Championship from Jan. 23-Feb. 1.


12 teams join us from as far away as India and as close as our very own Breck itself. Each team will hand carve a 12-foot-tall, 25-ton block of man-made snow. Artists will sculpt around the clock across five days to bring their ideas to life. At the end of the event, spectators can enjoy a beautiful outdoor art gallery right in historic downtown Breckenridge.


Now, you may be wondering how the Town of Breck is able to provide such massive amounts of snow – and no, the answer is not from our dear friend Ullr. Since the inception of the competition, Breckenridge Ski Resort has been working behind the scenes to create the perfect high-quality sculpting snow.


Our new high-efficiency, low-energy snowmaking guns play a huge role in creating the purest, most ideal man-made snow for sculpting. Snow for skiing is made to be light and easy to push around trails and groom. But, for snow sculpting, artists want heavier snow to easily compact and sculpt. Our high-tech snow guns are able to self-adjust to select wetter or dryer snow depending on the temperature outside, guaranteeing snow particle size and quality stay consistent.


The resort and the town work together every year to create perfect conditions for this ever-so-Breck art show. So now, at the end of your day, you can ski right from the highest chairlift in North America directly into a world-renowned snow sculpting competition!

Visit Responsibly With B Like Breckenridge Tips

No car, no problem: The best way to access the sculptures is by walking or taking the bus, like the Red Route which will be serving the free skier parking lot. Leave the car parked at one of the paid town parking lots or park for free on Airport Rd and take the Breck Free Ride bus. Satellite parking and shuttles will also be available during viewing weekend at Colorado Mountain College. And always remember to carpool!


Pick the perfect day/ time: For the best sculpture viewing experience, avoid visiting during peak hours on viewing weekend. To help ensure the best environment for artists and spectators, visitors are encouraged to view evenings or mid-week, Sunday, Jan. 29 - Wednesday, Feb. 1.


Embrace The Spirit: ISSC gathers artists and guests from around the world to celebrate art and culture in historic downtown Breckenridge. Be part of the experience by practicing kindness and patience during one of our most popular times of year.


Book in advance: Whenever possible, make activity and dining reservations in advance, check with the business to clarify hours and anticipate a possible wait.


* * *

For those planning on viewing the sculptures on Saturday, Jan. 28, free timed-entry reservations will be required between 10am and 4pm. There is no cost for a timed-entry reservation, but availability is limited. Sign up at  


For more information and the entire schedule of the International Snow Sculpture Championship, visit For more tips to unlock a perfect stay at Breck, check out our Just the Tips blog.