60+ Years of Innovation, Access and High Alpine

Since Dec. 16, 1961, Breck has been a pioneer in lift and terrain access for more than 60 years.

Investing in our Five Peaks

Since opening its slopes for the first time on Dec. 16, 1961, Breck has paved the way for innovation, access and high alpine adventure across our Five Peaks, from being on the forefront of new lift technology and installing the world’s first high-speed quad; to being the first major Colorado resort to welcome snowboarders in 1984; and to providing unrivaled access to signature high alpine terrain with the introduction of the T-Bar, the Imperial Express, and the opening of Peak 6 in 2013. While the resort has grown and evolved over the decades with new lifts, new peaks, new experiences and beyond, guests can still find the same energy, sense of adventure and spirit of community that draws people in from near and far to Breck.

Rip's Ride Upgrade: Faster Lift | More Time to Learn


On the heels of installing the brand-new Freedom SuperChair on Peak 7, this summer the focus turns to Peak 8 and Rip’s Ride.

Currently a fixed-grip double chair, this summer the resort will replace the lift with a new, high-speed quad to enhance the beginner and ski and ride school experience on Peak 8. The newer, faster ride will provide guests with quick access to Peak 8’s learning terrain allowing for more time spent on the snow. In addition, a slight realignment to the upper terminal location will allow for easier and more convenient access to ski and ride from Rip’s Ride over to Peak 9.

Construction is already underway and will be taking place throughout the summer. The new and improved lift will be ready to ride for the 2022/23 winter season. 

The New Freedom SuperChair on Peak 7

FY17_Blank_TrailMap-Freedom SuperCHair



It's not every year a resort gets a brand-new chairlift!

During Breck's 60th anniversary season, a brand-new chair created a classic pair on Peak 7 – Freedom and Independence.

Located on the north side of Peak 7, and running alongside the existing Independence SuperChair, the Freedom SuperChair provides guests the opportunity to experience the wide-open and rolling terrain of Peak 7 in a whole new way.

The lift provides skiers and riders with another option for lapping terrain on lower Peak 7 and is a game-changer for Breck's interconnected, peak-to-peak experience, providing skiers and riders an easy way to navigate from Peak 6 to Peaks 7 and 8.

The new Freedom SuperChair was built during the summer of 2021 and it opened to the public in December of 2021.


A Mountain of Capital Improvements

There’s always something new to experience in Breck. Whether it’s been a few years since your last visit, a year, or just a season, the resort and town are constantly evolving yet still manage to offer the same welcoming spirit and vibrant energy for locals and visitors year after year.

As we look forward to exciting future investments, we’d be remiss not to highlight past ones in our recent history that have helped paved the way to where we are today.