Building the Freedom SuperChair: Part 2

Posted on December 3, 2021

This summer and fall, construction of the new Freedom SuperChair really took flight. Literally! We had a helicopter on site to help fly in the cement and pour the foundations for our tower footers, and then the helicopter returned a little later in the fall to fly in and install the lift towers and cross-arms. The new high-speed quad has 20 towers, 119 chairs and can move 2,400 people per hour.

In addition, the lift really started to take shape this fall as our teams assembled the upper and lower terminals of the new lift. The lower terminal will sit just below where the Lincoln Meadows and Monte Cristo trails meet, and will easily scoop up guests skiing on the northside of Peak 7, as well as those coming from Peak 6. The upper terminal will drop guests off right above the Pioneer Crossing restaurant.

Learn all about the Freedom Chair what it took to open the Freedom Chair serving Peak 7 in our 3-part video series about this exciting project. 

Part 1: Construction of the Freedom SuperChair

Part 2: Building the Freedom SuperChair

Part 3: Opening the Freedom SuperChair