Gluten-Free Guide to Breckenridge

Planning a trip to Breckenridge and are gluten-free? Here's our guide to the best gluten-free restaurants for delicious dining.

Posted on March 25, 2024

BBQ Brisket Baked Potato at Breckenridge Ten Mile

If you're visiting Breckenridge, Colorado for the first time and are looking for gluten-free meals, rest assured that nearly every restaurant in town has several yummy options waiting for you. Breckenridge is a haven for celiac and gluten-intolerant travelers. The restaurants in this town have several gluten-free menu items, with others even providing separate menus for GF diners.  

Whether you're looking for Mexican, Italian, or American cuisine, you'll find plenty of delicious options in Breckenridge. In this guide, we will explore the top restaurants in Breck offering the finest gluten-free dining experiences and provide tips for avoiding gluten while dining out. 

1. Cabin Juice                              

Cabin Juice is one of the newest eateries in Breckenridge, offering brunch, après, and dinner menus. It is located at 605 S. Park Ave and is renowned for sourcing its ingredients from local farms.  

They have a diverse menu, full of gluten-free foods denoted on the menu by (gf), making it more convenient to select meals. Some of their gluten-free options include curried Verlasso salmon, cast iron Shishito peppers, and spaghetti squash pasta.  

A reservation is needed to dine here at the main restaurant. However, the bar area is open for walk-in guests. 

2. TwistBreck 

A first peek at TwistBreck's menu will lead you to believe they only serve fish and game. But wait, there's a 'twist,' as their diverse, ever-changing menu caters to gluten-sensitive and vegetarians. The gluten-free, farm-to-table, rich options at Twist include seared almond cod with grilled red onion and potato-wrapped organic salmon. 

Many who have dined here have appreciated the casual and inviting atmosphere. Moreover, you will find the staff friendly and accommodating, enhancing the dining experience. If you need help deciding what to order, the head chef is always there to recommend the perfect dish. The restaurant usually gets busy at happy hour, so booking a reservation beforehand is highly recommended. 

TwistBreck restaurant is located at 200 S Ridge St, only a 12-minute drive from Breck Mountain Resort via Ski Hill Rd.  

3. Hearthstone Restaurant  

Local readers of the Summit Daily News voted the Hearthstone restaurant as the "Best Restaurant in Breckenridge" — indeed, it does live up to its name! The expert culinary staff and the classy, elegant décor ensure a dining experience unlike any other.  

The diversity of their menu is also impressive, as they offer numerous gluten-free options. Appetizers include heirloom tomato & burrata, artisan cheese plate, quinoa & avocado bowl, and the local's favorite, charred octopus. Some of the main gluten-free entrees include the artisan cheese plate, beef tenderloin tips, and roasted beets. 

A reservation is required to dine at Hearthstone Restaurant, and the menu options are flexible as they depend on available fresh ingredients. The restaurant is situated 2.9 miles from Breck Mountain Resort, at 130 S Ridge St. The drive there takes 12 minutes from downtown, depending on the traffic conditions. 

4. Blue River Bistro 

The Blue River Bistro is located in the town center and is known for its décor due to the beautiful art displays adorning its walls. The expert staff usually pay exceptional attention to their fresh ingredients, which, when combined, create a truly memorable experience for the guests. 

They serve a wide array of dishes that can be made gluten-free on request. Some of their popular entrees include the New York strip, roasted fennel and zucchini with lentils over rice, and the Atlantic Salmon.  

A reservation is also required to dine at the Blue Rivers Bistro. If you are at the resort, the restaurant is only a 13-minute drive away via North Park Avenue and Ski Hill Rd. 

5. Cool River Coffee House and Bakery 

The Cool River Coffee House and Bakery is located at 325 Main St, three miles from the resort. It faces the Dredge Restaurant, providing customers with a beautiful and picturesque view as they eat. 

It is also a breakfast theme restaurant, with gluten-free baked goods served up daily. You needn't question the freshness of their homemade treats since an in-house baker makes everything from the freshest ingredients each day. 

Every choice on their menu, from the smoothie bowls to the burritos, can be made gluten-free. If you're gluten intolerant, Salome's Breckie grilled cheese with gluten-free bread would be a perfect choice for you. They also offer lunch options if you yearn for gluten-free treats, midday. Homemade soups are always on their menu, with different selections being made every day. 

6. South Ridge Seafood Grill 

South Ridge Seafood Grill is the ultimate destination for mountain lovers, as it's located in the Breckenridge mountains — providing customers with a casual and carefree dining atmosphere.  

The flavor of anything you'll order here will blow your mind leaving you wanting more — be it a small bowl of soup or the full Verlasso Salmon Fillet. 

South Ridge Seafood Grill has a diverse menu full of gluten-free options. A fine print (GF) on their menu denotes whether certain meals are gluten-free. Grilled Trout, Grilled 12oz. N.Y. Steak, Alaskan King Crab, and the Vietnamese Style Grilled Calamari are some of the favorite gluten-free options. 

The South Ridge Seafood Grill is located at 500 S Main St, 3.1 miles from the resort. 

7. Ember 

The Ember restaurant, located at 106 East Adams Avenue, provides one of the finest dining experiences in Colorado. Every dish they offer is an adventure in texture, taste, and art, thanks to their highly trained and experienced kitchen. The cherry on top is that Ember has an incredible artistic atmosphere, perfect for chatting, suitable for hosting all types of events from weddings to small gatherings. 

Ember's head chef prepares dishes with a finesse that rivals the best chefs in America. With over 13 years of experience in the culinary business, the head chef is a celiac-conscious champ for his inventive textures and flavors in all meal courses — combining unique foods and seasonings to provide an out-of-this-world culinary experience.  

Their menu has a whole separate gluten-free section full of customizable options. Their main GF dishes include beef tenderloin, bibb salad, lamb cheeks, and venison rack made from shitake purple rice. Always inquire with servers about these dishes' availability and suitability for you as a gluten-intolerant individual. If you are at the resort, you are only a 14-minute drive away from experiencing Ember's incredible dining atmosphere.  

Experience Your Next Gluten-Free Getaway in Breckenridge  

From Mountainside seafood grills to casual dining establishments, many places in Breckenridge offer an incredible gluten-free dining experience. After skiing at the Breckenridge Mountain Resort, explore one of these restaurants and discover the perfect gluten-free dish.