Breckenridge Tours You Won't Want to Miss

Take a guided tour in Breckenridge to explore the fun and unique sights and attractions of Colorado's favorite mountain town.

Posted on May 15, 2023

Friends on Alpine Jeep tour at Breckenridge
With Five Peaks towering over our cool, vintage mountain town, tours in Breck combine outdoor adventure and cultural immersion with a dash of fun. Guided tours in the town of Breck take you beyond the beaten path and into the unique and extraordinary. 

Breckenridge Gold Mine Tours 

Long before it was an internationally famous ski resort, Breck attracted hand-panning fortune seekers looking for gold! Head back to this wild west time in history by checking out the town´s mines. Carved into the bedrock of the mountain back in 1887, the Country Boy Mine was a working gold mine that has been converted into one of the most fascinating guided tours in town. You can choose between several different tour options, including a live treasure hunt and a real gold panning class. Open year-round but closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, the mine is located just two miles away from Main Street and easily accessible by the shuttle bus, Breck FreeRide.  

Haunted Breckenridge Tours 

Every historic town has its ghost story, and as charming as Breck is it's hardly an exception. In fact, the town is home to over 350 houses that are over 100 years old, many of them believed to be haunted. This makes taking guided tours of the town's ghastly past one of the most authentic Breckenridge sightseeing experiences available. Founded in 2010, Breckenridge Ghost Tours offers three different guided tours of Breck that focus on its haunted history. "Ghostly Tales" is a nightly walking tour that visits several haunted locations, while "Voices from the Grave" visits the town's historic cemetery during daylight hours.  

Guided History Tours of Breckenridge 

From a gold rush hotspot to an artist enclave to the current ski-slope fever that grips the town, Breck has an interesting and varied history that goes back almost 200 years. In fact, its historic downtown is one of the most intact and postcard-perfect in the entire state of Colorado. Looking for a tour that focuses on the town's history? Look no further than Breckenridge History Tours. They offer seven different guided tours of Breck that explore various aspects of the historic town, including its rough and tumble "bawdy days", or bring you out to visit sites like historic mining operations.  

Beer and Bike Tours in Breckenridge 

Colorado is not just an outdoor lover's dream come true, it's also one of the micro-brew meccas of the United States. When visiting the resort during the summer season, a great way to spend the day is a bike tour of a local brewery. Head to Breckenridge Bike Tours to take one of their guided tours of Breck history and great beers at local hot spots like the Broken Compass Brewery and the Breckenridge Distillery.  

The Best Breckenridge Tours 

There are many different guided tours that can add fun and adventure to your trip this summer. Check out all the latest activities happening in Breck and book the room of your dreams at Breck today! 
Learn to Ski in Colorado!

If you're looking for the perfect destination to take your first turns on the slopes, look no further than Breckenridge, the best place to learn to ski in Colorado.