Get ready to stoke your spirit

The best adventure of your winter starts at Breck.
Introducing The Breck Effect

You may have caught The Breck Effect if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: Discovering that hiking at 12,840ft of elevation makes you giddy, racing your kids to the bottom of the slope and not letting them win, Having the urge to wear your swimsuit for a top to bottom run... in December, Joining an impromptu gondola sing along with strangers or feeling comfortable sipping on après drinks in your base layers.

The vibe, buzz, energy or spirit which inhabits our true mountain town, majestic 5 peaks and lives inside all who come experience them is The Breck Effect. We can’t wait for you to head to Breck this winter and catch it.  


Our annual town wide party to call upon the norse god of snow has moved up earlier in the season!

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