Explore Above Treeline

High Alpine

"The first time I ever stood on top of the summit of Peak 8,I was just awestruck. You can see over a hundred miles from the top and you just stand there your first time up there for quite a while and just kind of turn yourself in a circle [to] look around and you see the Maroon Bells,Pike's Peak and 14ers in the Front Range .I've been up there a thousand time and I've never hesitated when I get to the top to take a few minutes and look around and draw it all in because it never gets old."
Will Barrett
Assistant Ski Patrol Director, Breckenridge Ski Resort
Above Treeline: The Story of Breck's High Alpine
When you drive into Breckenridge you can't miss the the sight of the High Alpine terrain towering above both mountain and town. Towering above the treeline this terrain invites seasoned adventurers to challenge themselves and new skiers and riders to aspire to tackle something higher. Learn about the founding, exploration, expansion, control, and feeling of riding the Breck's High Alpine terrain in our all new 6 part documentary! 
Every person arrives at Breck in the midst of their own story. Whether to chase exhilaration, or simply seek within, we invite you to author your next adventure  in the High Alpine. Because in truth, the High Alpine  is the center of gravity that draws us all in, and a constant reminder to anyone who gazes upward that there’s always more to discover. Should you journey beyond the tree line and above the clouds, Breck’s 5 stunning peaks are your gateway  to unparalleled  views and a thrilling experience proof that you’re part of something bigger. So for all who are called to write their mountain story here, we invite you to make the High Alpine  your next chapter.