Master New Terrain at Breck

Posted on February 1, 2022

Private ski school lesson for family in Breckenridge, CO.

Here at the Breck Ski & Snowboard School, we pride ourselves in helping guests of all ages unlock new terrain and fall in love with our expansive Five Peaks. We often see kids come in here completely frustrated because their younger cousin or friend has been on skis for less time than they have but is already expertly navigating around trees. With a little encouragement, we see a complete change in attitude as the coaching we provide helps them make massive improvements. By the end of their lesson, frustration is gone, and they’re swapping goofy jokes with their instructor on the lift before finding new terrain to tackle that makes them feel unstoppable.

If your goal is to tackle new terrain, it’s probably a lot more within your reach than you think. Rather than changing up your skills and the terrain at the same time, concentrate on polishing the skills you have, then applying them to your goal terrain. Our instructors have a lifetime of training, experience, and coaching that they are eager to share, and not to mention they are the best tour guides on the block!

The great news is that here at Breck, you can take your pick of terrain, and we have it in spades. We’ve got High Alpine action all around us, and you can explore each of our Five Peaks and find something new. From wide-open groomed trails to expansive bowls, with runs above and below tree-line - it’s all here, and our instructors love showing you around and showing off all that Breck has to offer.

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