Spring Skiing

Posted April 03, 2023

Spring it on at Breck in April and May

While we may be biased, spring is one of our favorite times of the year. And here at Breck, that opportunity lasts longer than most other major ski resorts across the country, with plans to operate for skiing and riding into May as long as the snow lasts. High alpine. Check. Good vibes. Check. Impeccable style. Checcccck.

Big Breck Energy is alive and well in the springtime, and here’s what you should know so you can join in on the fun.

Springtime is for the High Alpine

At Breck, the high alpine is in its prime during our April and May operations. We have elevation on our side, our cool and dry climate, plus our good friend, the wind, which usually keeps conditions up top snow deposited, chalky and nicely buffed for your riding pleasure. We operate all Five Peaks at the resort through mid-April (Sunday, April 16 this season) and then the majority of our late spring operations take place in our high alpine as we send it into May. For the last half of April, and however long the season runs after that, you can look forward to approximately 1,000 acres of intermediate and advanced terrain across Peaks 6, 7 and 8, with everything primarily accessed via the Peak 7 base and Independence SuperChair. You can get the full scoop on our spring operating plans, including lifts and terrain, here.

Sunny with a chance of... everything!

Mother Nature can really switch things up in spring. One day it might warm and sunny, t-shirt-on-the-snow weather, and another day we might get a foot of snow. It's also entirely possible you might get a little taste of all the weather in the span of one single day. Make sure to check the forecast ahead of time to help you plan for a day on the snow, and know that weather and conditions can also change quickly in the mountains, and especially so in springtime. That said, spring often brings a generous helping of sunshine and blue skies, which we love! So perfect and sport that goggle tan, but don't forget to lather on the SPF. Sunny days, plus white reflective snow, can be a recipe for a toasty sunburn if you don’t take the proper precautions. Trust us.
Friends enjoy spring riding at Breck
Spring it on, Later

Spring is the no fuss, no hurry, go-at-your-own-pace time of year, and snow conditions are often best if you give them a little time to soften up first. While we love the warm, sunny weather that spring typically brings us, it also brings what we call a “freeze/thaw” pattern. During the day, the sun softens the snow providing those oh-so-good spring turns we all love, but at night when the temperatures drop back below freezing, the snow surface hardens again. So go ahead, give yourself permission to sleep in. Grab breakfast in town. Then hit the snow once the sun has worked its magic.

Spring Vibes = Good Vibes

Last but not least, spring is just an all-around good time. Bust out those retro onesies and ride in style, pump up the jams with our custom Spotify playlists, and perfect that goggle tan. But, above all, have a really, really, really good time and enjoy the last few weeks celebrating on the snow. So, take our hand, let’s have a blast, and remember this moment for the rest of our lives. Or, at least until next season!