Posted on Nov. 16, 2022

Pulse on the Peaks

With nearly 3,000 acres of terrain and Five Peaks, each with a distinct vibe and personality, Breck is a mixtape of genres, from the classics to the hits, the groovy to the fresh, and the funky to the far out. It’s a music to our ears, turn up the volume and roll down the window, sing it from the mountaintops kind of experience. No matter which peak you choose or which track you take, you’ll be grooving to the mountain and the music. Check out the Five Peaks Playlists that Breck has on repeat this season:

Friends enjoy spring riding at Breck

Peak 6: The Sensory Experience - Listen here!


Dreamy, airy, and sublime, Peak 6 will transport you into the clouds and out of your body. Jump into this beautifully strange reality and find balance between hot and cold, light and heavy, serene and euphoric. Sink into those smooth endless turns above the trees, pop off pillows of snow, and get lost in wonderland. Peak 6 is your gateway to the high-alpine. A whole new world of above treeline bliss. When you’re ready to elevate your trip, go beyond the lift, find serenity in the boot pack and awaken your sixth sense with hypnotic big mountain views, mind-bending drops and the rhythm of heart-pounding no-fall zones. It’s your portal into a snowy nirvana. And it will have you saying, namaste on 6.


Peak 7: The Smooth Operator Listen here!


Timeless, classic and cool. Peak 7 is the easy rider that keeps the good times rolling but also likes to jam out. Groomers in the front, high-alpine party in the back! Peak 7 is a classic cruiser’s dream above and below treeline. It’s all about feeling your edges carve into fresh turns, the smooth symphony of snow, like surfing in slow-mo. It’s turning on the radio and going for a drive on a Sunday afternoon with the top down. When you’re ready, find your stairway to Peak 7 heaven in the high alpine and enjoy the ride, where all that glitters might actually be gold.

Friends breakdancing at the DJ Cat at Breck

Peak 8: The Heartbeat - Listen here!


The life of the party! From the drum beat of the base to the top of the high alpine charts, Peak 8 doesn’t miss a beat. You can find your groove here, discover something new here, or venture into something a little more edgy. Feel the buzz and the energy of Breck’s heartbeat, get sky high in Colorado on the Imperial SuperChair, turn up the volume in Horseshoe Bowl, jam in the park, and maybe even spot a DJ (snow)Cat. When you’re ready to take the party from the mountain to après, do it in style and shuffle over to the 4 O’Clock trail. Bonus track! Take it from the top, and ski from the highest chairlift on the continent right into town.


Peak 9: The Fresh Start - Listen here!


Boogie on over to Peak 9, where you gotta get up to get down! It’s just a jump to the left and step to the right, one turn into the next, and you’ll be groovin’ and movin’ like a pro. Peak 9 is easy as 1-2-3., starting smooth and mellow down low and working its way up to fun and flowy. Off the beaten path, find some bumpy and funky jams. Mix it up and bop around Peak 9 like a playlist on shuffle with 5 different lifts that will have you moving all over the slope like it’s a dance floor. Whether you’re starting fresh, looking for a refresh, or just trying to be fresh, Peak 9 will put the moves in motion.


Peak 10: The Wild Child - Listen here!


Edgy, daring, and just a tad rebellious, Peak 10 is where you can turn it up to 11. This peak is for the front-row crowd, the scream-every-lyric crowd, the “I just wanna bang on the drums all day” crowd. If you think you can hang with these headbangers, head over to 10 for some seriously lap-able terrain where there is always one more hit in the encore and you can rack and stack vertical feet like they’re notches on your belt. Walk the line and keep pace strumming along on the groomers, then kick it up a notch, plug in the amp and turn it up allll the way to rock out on the north and south sides.


Get your pulse on our Five Peaks and check out our new playlists on Spotify to get into the right vibe on your way to the mountain or while you’re getting ready to hit the slopes!