Posted Dec. 6, 2022

Opening the Five Peaks

Breck is BIG. Like three base areas, Five (mountain) Peaks and nearly 3,000 acres big. From north to south, the resort spans Peaks 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of Colorado’s TenMile Range (Fun Fact: Peak 1 of the TenMile starts in the neighboring town of Frisco). So, what does it take to open our Five Peaks, and how do we do it? We’re glad you asked! We often get questions about why we open this peak or that peak first, or when is Peak X going to open for the season. And while many variables can come into play any given year, we do follow a general plan and strategy to help open terrain as quickly as possible, while connecting key areas of the mountain together so that we’re ready to open more terrain as conditions allow. While Mother Nature is the ultimate shot caller, our teams start work as soon as the resort closes for skiing and riding in May to ensure we are ready to rock as soon we get the weather and temps. Take a look at what all goes into opening our Five Peaks, including our high alpine terrain, from lift maintenance to snowmaking to grooming to ski patrol, in the video below.