Breck Summer 2023

Posted May 23, 2023

High Alpine Summer

Real High Alpine Summer is finally upon us, and we can’t wait to soak up the sun! At Breck you can do everything, from elevate your summer to more than 11,000ft and take in the views, or hang out in town and grab some brews.

Breck opens for summer operations on Friday, June 30 running through Labor Day (Sept. 4), which is quickly approaching, so here are all the details you need to cool off, chill out and party on.

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Sustainable Summer: The New Hot Girl Summer


What’s cooler than being cool? *Ice Cold* -- no. Being environmentally conscious.


At Breck, it’s easy to lean into Sustainable Summer with public transit options and an incredibly walkable town. You can always use the Breck FreeRide, a no-cost bus system that takes you all around town, but our personal favorite mode of transit is the simple summertime stroll. Get out there and enjoy the alpine breeze! Plus, with over 200 shops and restaurants anchored around Main Street, Breck has plenty of sights to see when you ditch the car and get your steps in.


One of the best (and most fun) ways to dive headfirst into Sustainable Summer is by riding the free BreckConnect Gondola. Located in the center of town, you can easily hop on to get up to Peak 8, the hub of the resort’s Epic Discovery summer activities, or take a scenic ride just to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Cucumber Gulch Wildlife Preserve. The BreckConnect Gondola is open daily beginning Friday, June 30 through Labor Day from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, with the last upload taking place at 5 pm.  


Hanging out on Peak 8? You may just be sitting on some trash (that’s a good thing, we promise). When you recycle snack wrappers at one of our TerraCycle stations, the waste can be made into new, usable things like Adirondack chairs and picnic tables in the base area. And when you’re ready to get moovin’ and goovin again, remember these Sustainable Summer tips:


  1. Leave no trace: Take only photos and leave only footprints. Some trails do not have trash cans along the way, so make sure to keep all your trash with you until you return to town and can dispose of it properly.
  2. Stay on the trail:Whether on wheels or on foot, make sure to stay on the path and avoid taking short cuts to ensure little disturbance to our beautiful woods.
  3. Do not disturb: Wildlife may appear cute, but make sure to give them plenty of space. You’re in their territory, so please be respectful and kind. Do not feed wildlife as it could be dangerous for both you and the animals
  4. Do Your Homework: Before hitting the trail, use websites like and to know before you go, like if dogs or bikes are allowed on certain trails
  5. Don't Forget to Accessorize: The best accessory to any adventure is a reusable water bottle. And you can keep accessorizing because here in Breck, we have a plastic bag ban, so make sure youre prepped with a tote (they’re much cuter than a plastic bag anyway). Pop by the Welcome Center in town for a uniquely Breck reusable bag!

The Party is at Peak 8


Peak 8 is your go-to for on-mountain fun. At Epic Discovery Base Camp, try your hand at mini golf, bungee trampolines, or get a thrill on our Gold Runner Coaster. From Base Camp, you can take it up to more than 11,000 feet above-sea-level with a scenic ride on the Colorado SuperChair to Alpine Camp and scale multiple routes on the Gold Summit Climbing Wall or test your balance and maneuver the obstacles of the Alpineer Challenge Course, all with stunning views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains


*Pardon our construction: As we continue to transform the Peak 8 base area with the upgrade of 5-Chair, ongoing construction will impact some operations. Most notably, the alpine slide will be closed for the summer and our Gold Runner Coaster will operate on a limited schedule so please check in with our ticket office for availability.  


Stop to Grab a Dawg with Your Dawgs!

Grab a dawg with your dogs at the newDawg Haus Biergarten on Peak 7! Ride the free, dog-friendly BreckConnect Gondola up to the resort and make a stop at Peak 7 this summer to check out the new Dawg Haus Biergarten. Serving up gourmet hot dogs, sharable appetizers, and craft beers, guests can savor and enjoy family-style seating and yard games on this mountain-side patio. Dogs welcomed and encouraged!

Come On Get Higher...Alpine


Take a hike! Or a bike. Whichever you prefer. With summer trails designated for hiking and mountain biking, you can check out our mountain in a whole new fashion (I.e., green and not white). You’ve skied Horseshoe Bowl, you’ve rode Peak 7 on powder days, but have you ever tried it on foot or bike before!? Hiking and bike haul are accessible via the Colorado SuperChair with bike trails for all levels across Peaks 7 and 8. Check out the resort’s summer trail map to explore your options for adventure.


Pro Tip: Hit the Horseshoe Bowl Loop in July to catch wildflowers in bloom!

Wildflowers Horseshoe Bowl 003

Come Up to Cool Off


With a base elevation of 9,600 feet above sea-level, low humidity and average summer temperatures in the mid-70s, Breck is the perfect mountain retreat to escape the heat and humidity of the city And while summer in the Rockies is beautiful and loved for its cooler temperatures, you should always be prepared.


With that low humidity, temperatures can swing pretty drastically between morning, afternoon and evening. Plus, add in the elevation factor, and you may find that while shorts and a T-shirt were perfect for walking around in town, they may not be quite enough up on the mountain (on average, expect the temperature to decrease by 5 degrees with every 1,000 feet of elevation gained). Summer can also bring afternoon thunderstorms that can impact summer operations (particularly in the last half of July and the month of August). Sometimes stormy weather is very noticeable and other times it can appear sunny even when lightning is still nearby. Please know that regardless of what the sky above you may look like at the time, if activities are closed due to weather it is for everyone's safety and we will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so.


We always recommend starting your summer adventures early to avoid potential weather impacts, checking the weather before heading out the door, and bringing along plenty of water, sunscreen, layers and a rain jacket, just in case. The best way to High Alpine Summer is to always be prepared!