Biking in Breck

Biking in Breck

When the snow melts and the trails dry out, you’ll notice a new favorite activity in town loved by locals and visitors alike. Biking comes in all different flavors – from downhill flow trailsto paved rec paths – and Breck’s got them all. So, hop on your two wheels and get out there, there’s plenty of trails and roads to ride!



You’ve definitely heard us say “ski-to-town" a million and one times in the winter. But did you know you still have amazing mountain to town access available in the summer? You can ride from the top of the Colorado SuperChair all the way to Main Street via Frosty’s Challenge to Wanderer. This is a beautiful and long route that really shows off our mountain in the summertime as you pass by winter favorites like 6 Chair, E Chair, and the SuperConnect.


Know before you go, this route while the majority of the trail to town is intermediate-rated, the Frosty’s portion at the top is advanced.

The Peaks Trail


This nearly 7-mile, rugged trail is a challenge to get you moving from town to town, connecting Breck to the neighboring town of Frisco. This is a multi-use trail that can be hiked as well, and on a bike it is a fun, moderately-challenging and technical ride. The easiest way to experience this trail is starting on the Breck side since there is less overall elevation gain, however you will still encounter some rocky climbs in both directions. The views and terrain are totally worth it though. Check out beautiful wildflowers in the summer and golden Aspens in the fall, with the Frisco side of the trail ending with the descent down the scenic Rainbow Lake trail. Make a day of it and stop in Frisco for lunch or Breck for a beer and a perfect summer day. If you’re not interested in biking both directions, you can easily hop on the bus for a free ride home!

Blair Witch

Looking for a quick, intermediate ride? Check out this loop that’s under 5 miles where you’ll ride through alpine meadows, splash through clear creeks, and maybe even run into some wildlife. To start off the trail, you’ll even pass by an old dredge from some of Breck’s rich mining history. Blair Witch is perfect for an afternoon or after work ride.

Rec Path

Not into mountain biking? No problem. Check out the Summit County Rec Path, which runs right through the heart of Breck, parallel to Main Street and along the beautiful Blue River, and is easy to hop on for local cruises or longer rides to Frisco, Lake Dillon and beyond! The Rec Path is a great option for getting around town and seeing the sights of Breck and Summit County.


If you’re looking for a fun new way to get around town, look no further than Breck’s E-Ride program. This new system allows you to check out an E-Bike for short trips like community events, running errands or catching the bus. If you live and work in town, you can check out membership options to use E-bikes whenever you like! If you’re a visitor, you can rent bikes from a plethora of local bike shops for as long as you need to explore on your own time.

Know Before You Go

Always remember to check out trails online before you hit the road. Most trails in Breck are for both bikers and hikers, so be prepared to share. Use websites like,, and to know before you go. For mountain biking at the resort, check out our website and trail map to plan your day before hitting the mountain.