Firecracker 50
Go it alone or compete as a team in the Firecracker 50, a spectacular mountain bike race on July 4th
Daily: Jul 04 - Jul 04
Breckenridge, CO
Presented by Lincoln Park at the Wellington Neighborhood


Go it alone or compete as a team in the Firecracker 50, a spectacular mountain bike race on July 4th! Kicking off the parade with a neutral start format down Breckenridge main street, the odyssey sends you into the backcountry featuring 4,000’ climbing, rippin descents and plenty of contouring flume and singletrack. Register today for this marquee MTB event!

Ever been in a 4th of July Parade? If not get ready for what some call the best way to start a race.

The Start Line is at Lincoln and Main St., the main Traffic Light in town.

Please ride north on either French St, Ridge St, Harris St, or High St (they all run parallel to Main St) to Wellington Rd. Turn left onto Wellington Rd and come down to Main St. This puts you right into the Start Staging Area
This is important! If you are trying to access the start by coming north on Main St after we have started sending waves YOU WILL BE RIDING AGAINST RACER TRAFFIC. Thank you for your cooperation!

Timing is started for each wave when the group rolls so the neutral start is included in your time. Teammates in the Duo Team Relay categories may share this part of the race together…Lap 2 rider pulls off to the side with the marshal/leader.
The race will begin in a neutral start format by start wave (see waves below). Each wave will have its own marshal/leader that will roll at 10MPH. At the south end of Main St. the race moves to a width of one lane and the yellow line rule is in effect. Please DO NOT PASS your marshal until they pull out of the way. This will happen at South Park Ave. and the race is on!

Number Plate Transfer
Yup, you read that correctly. Only one number plate is issued to your team.
That means you must transfer your number plate from one bike to another in the transition area. Make sure the number plate is mounted on the correct bike for Lap 1! This also prevents riders from leaving the transition area early…cheaters!
Bike Valet
Lap 1 riders, since you actually finish first on the day, please consider using our Complimentary and Secure Bike Valet service. Check a bag in the AM and it will be waiting for you when you finish. Check your bike, then check your bag again and hang out worry free for the afternoon. No need to keep one eye on your stuff while consuming mass quantities and waiting for your partner to finish!

9:30am -  Pro Open Men and Women
9:32am -  Expert Men 19-29, Singlespeed Men
9:34am -  Expert Men 30-34, 35-39
9:36am -  Expert Men 40-44, 45-49
9:38am - Expert Men 50-59, 60+
9:40am -  Expert Women 19-39, 40-49, 50+, Singlespeed Women
9:44am -  Duo Men Team Relay (both teammates may ride the parade together if desired)
9:46am -  Duo Coed Team Relay (both teammates may ride the parade together if desired)
9:48am -  Duo Women Team Relay, Team 101+ Duo Relay, and Team 110+ Duo Relay (both teammates may ride the parade together if desired) TEAM 101 and TEAM 110 DO NOT START WITH THE DUO MEN TEAM RELAY
9:50am - Sport Men 19-29, 30-34
9:52am - Sport Men 35-39, Clydesdale (200lbs+)
9:54am - Sport Men 40-44
9:56am - Sport Men 45-49, 50+
9:57am - Sport Women 19-39, 40+

Again To Teams:
Team 101+ and Team 110+
You will start in a different wave than Duo Male Team Relay. Just clarifying that if you are in Team 101 or Team 110 and are two men, please line up at the Team 101 and Team 110 staging signs. DO NOT START with Duo Male Team Relay…kinda messes up the results and makes me have to put on my official’s hat…yuck!

Additional Info