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Breck Parks

Breck Terrain Park Skier

With four award-winning terrain parks and a 22' superpipe to choose from, Breckenridge appeals to up and coming freestylers and seasoned experts alike. Known for having the best pipes and parks in the world and continually ranked in the top three by industry leaders, Breckenridge continues to raise the bar in the terrain park arena. 

Safety First! 
Terrain Parks may contain jumps, hits, ramps, banks, fun boxes, jibs, rails, half pipes, quarter pipes, snowcross, bump terrain and other constructed or natural terrain features. Prior to using Freestyle Terrain, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with Freestyle Terrain and obeying all instructions, warnings and signs.

Learn about the “Smart Style” Terrain Park Safety Initiative.  


Bobby Brown, Back to the Basics

Terrain Park glossary: a complete guide

Breckenridge Super PipeIt’s no secret that Breckenridge has some epic shred zones.

We’ve won more awards for our terrain parks than you can count on both hands and Breck has produced more professional park athletes than any other resort.

To really understand why our terrain parks stand out, you’ll need to know the terms that describe it.

Whether you’re new to the park or a pro, check out this guide to terrain-park terms.

The Super pipe

At 22 feet tall, our super pipe (half pipe) can be intimidating. These giant troughs in the snow provide a lot of momentum and vertical for doing tricks and catching air.

Half pipes run different sizes at different resorts, but at Breck, we have one of the biggest in the world.

Super pipe terms

Lip:  The top edge of the pipe
Transition: Where the vertical wall meet the base of the pipe
Air: A term used to describe tricks above the lip of the pipe
Handplants: In these freestyle tricks, the rider places one or two hands on the lip
Liptricks: Tricks on the lip of the pipe


If you’re looking for big air, then you’re going to want to try the jumps in the Breck terrain parks.

From small kickers to huge jumps, you’ll find a variety of jumps in Breck’s 5 terrain parks and a variety of ways to describe them.

halfpipe at BreckKicker: Kickers are small jumps that are great for beginners who want to feel the sensation of catching air for the first time.

Pop: Once you’re comfortable coasting over a jump, you’ll learn to “pop” or push off to gain bigger air.

Popping is vital to learning aerial tricks.

Sling: This is a bad take-off that results from over rotating and can lead to some serious yard sales.

Yard Sale: When a fall results in your skis or other gear popping off and scattering across the snow.

Slap Back: Another way to mess up a landing where the skier falls backwards instead of sticking the landing.

Tabletop: A special kind of jump that looks like a table with an incline, flat top, and downslope for landing.

Gap: A jump that has a gap between the take-off and landing zones.

Jibs: Jibs are any fixed obstacles you can ride and perform tricks on. They can include rails, boxes, barrels, kinks, walls or other urban features like picnic tables and park benches.

Most terrain parks offer beginner (ride-on) boxes and progress to larger and more complex jibs. When it comes to jibbing, your creativity is the limit.

Breck terrain parks

Freeway: This is the park for pros. Four massive jumps, the 22-foot Super pipe and tons of rails and boxes. Or, camp out and watch 'em rip.
Park Lane: “The locals’ park” Slightly less technical but tons of features to keep you content all day.
Highway 9: Perfect for fresh-faced jibbers just getting the hang of things. Tons of small jumps, rails and boxes to practice on.
Trygve’s: For the little ones. Anyone under 3 feet tall can hone their skills on any number of features.

Breck’s best features

Now that you know where to go, there are three features you cannot miss while you’re riding at Breckenridge.

Greg Davidson, the Terrain Park Manager , gives us the details on what to know before you go:

Jumps: Breckenridge features some of the best jumps around with sizes to suit beginners through pros.

With 14 jumps of various sizes this season on Peak 8, everyone from first-timers to Olympic athletes will find somewhere to catch some air and hone their skills.

Halfpipe: Located in the Freeway Terrain Park, the 22’ half pipe hosts events like the Dew Tour and Grand Prix throughout the year.

This world-class venue is prepared daily for you to test your skills alongside the countless pros that come here to train and compete.

Rails: With a custom built fleet of more than 75 rails, boxes, wallrides, jibs, and bonks, Breck offers an ever-changing variety of features for skiers and riders of all ability levels to get their grind on.

You’ve got the knowledge. You have the power.

Now get out there and ride the terrain parks at Breckenridge like you never have before.

Breck terrain park rail


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